Jennifer Moore

  1. My perfect day is….Thanksgiving day. It includes amazing food, hanging out on the patio by the fire, listening to music, spending time with family and ends with a group photo.

  2. I could not live without….a black cashmere sweater, white t-shirt, my favorite jeans.

  3. People don’t know that…I would love to write a book about my life for my children. And I want my own karaoke machine at home.

  4. My favorite color is Blue.

  5. My favorite book is Night by Elie Wiesel.

  6. Something I love to do…spend a day at home on the patio or porch, or in front of a fire, listening to music with my family.

  7. My favorite accessory…I have three - Patchouli oil, diamond studs that were a wedding gift from my husband, giant sunglasses. Wait, I have to add my wedding ring…that is 4.

  8. Women that I most admire are….Georgia O’Keeffe, Princess Diana, Carrie Eddmenson.

  9. I love these things about Rome…my husband and I both have our roots here, my children were born here, and that my best friend’s mom and my mom have been in the same bridge group for almost 50 years. I love Broad Street and the old homes that line the streets and avenues downtown. I love the dogwoods in spring and the church bells that ring from a 4th Avenue church every day, at noon and 5:00 pm. And I love that Rome is off the beaten path.